Microsoft Delivers – OneDrive and OneDrive for Business for Everyone

Not only is OneDrive bundled with Office 365, it comes with effectively unlimited storage. It is fast, easy, and can store any type of file, and is accessible anywhere. OneDrive now has full feature parity both on Windows and Apple desktop and laptops as well as on tablets and phones. Consequently, if you are unlucky enough to think that toting a MacBook Air and drinking overpriced, rubbish coffee makes you an independent, trendy hipster, at least now you can enjoy unlimited access to all your files and documents and experience a proper highly-caffeinated productivity suite. You can attempt doing something useful whilst you spend all day sipping and pretending to enjoy your caffeine-free Venti Frappucino or some other ethically sourced, freshly ground yet foul tasting coffee-like beverage!

OneDrive Delivers


Microsoft sees the future of cloud storage clearer than most, and are delivering it on any device anywhere, except at the moment, sadly on Windows. We believe this will be rectified imminently, and await the news from the Western Front with much interest. Microsoft are clearly taking the fight to Google+ Photos with their new Albums feature, which is long overdue. We will delight in reporting on it as soon as we have given it a fair try, but the early signs are promising. Also, hopefully, unlike Google+ Photos, Microsoft will not be quite so hell-bent on “Auto-enhancing” your photos to hell and back, and will probably also offer you the ability to export your photos to another cloud service in something other that laughably low-quality pixelated JPEGs that would test the patience of even the most overqualified and indulgent zen-master.