Dear Apple, I am not a toddler!

Why do Apple think the users of their flagship iPad Air 2s are overgrown toddlers? The home screen is basically a blown up version of the iPhone screen. It has huge, brightly coloured, widely spaced icons which would only be suitable for two-year-olds or the extremely hard of seeing.

My iPad Air 2 desktop

Now, I generally use Windows 8.1 on my Surface Pro 3, which also features large icons, only it has a lot of them on the screen and as they are Live Tiles most of them provide some useful information. Yet the Apple Desktop for Toddlers has just a few massive icons with no sharp edges to hurt little fingers. Here is my start screen on the Surface Pro 3:

Surface Pro 3 start screen

Is that not a lot more useful and a lot less dated than a bloody grid of huge icons? Even if my iPad desktop background is a brilliant picture of Crackers the Lomster on my Sonic duvet cover, and even though it rotates unlike an iPhone screen, a grid of icons is still a dated and patronising User eXperience.

So is the bloody crap iPad keyboard that only ever shows upper case letters even when you are not typing in upper case. Do Apple think their users have only used manual typewriters before, and would be shocked if the keyboard changes to match the case they are actually typing, which is lower case about 98% of the time, unless you are an annoying idiot.

It is JUST NOT FAIR that Apple treat me like a two-year-old who still needs to wear nappies! As you can see from my birthday cards from last November I am not two, I am four!

Fourth birthday cards

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