Microsoft Lumia 535 - Colourful, Capable, Cheap

This is not my review of the Lumia 535!

I am still finishing my full review of the Microsoft Lumia 535, which will be published over the weekend. As I am a real, complete person, and definitely not a computer, I will not waste your time with a piss-poor specs-based seemingly automatically generated review such as this utter bilge produced by the Christian Post’s rather amusingly named tech site CP Tech. Well, at least it is amusing for middle-aged or kinky Britons for whom it conjures up images like these!


To give you a sneak peek, here is the start of my upcoming review, which I hope you will find to be a disciplined effort that meets the rigorous standards expected of writers at this institution.

The Lumia 535 low mid-range smartphone is the most important hardware device Microsoft will ever make. It really does change everything.

Two weeks ago I gave my Lumia 930 to my co-blogger, and went to Argos and bought a SIM-free Lumia 535 for £89.99. (You can get it from Amazon for £88.76) Why on earth would I willingly downgrade from a Lumia 930, the flagship Windows Phone, and in my opinion one of the top three smartphones in the world, to the rather basic if colourful, indeed colour-changing, Lumia 535?

Well, for a start, I am a technology seer, and I have seen visions of the future of the smartphone, I am however also a technology user, so I wanted to find out if there was any substance to my visions, by seeing just how much of the smartphone experience a sub-£100 device could deliver.

The answer, in short, is that the Microsoft Lumia 535 packs quite a punch. Of course, it can not deliver the complete pampered baby-bottom smartphone experience which you get from the Lumia 930 or either Apple iPhone 6 model but in so many important respects it comes very very close indeed. I have been incredibly impressed by what the Lumia 535, the first smartphone made by Microsoft, is able to deliver at such a ridiculously wallet-friendly price.

Microsoft Lumia 535 Specifications at a glance
Microsoft Lumia 535 Specifications at a glance