Lumia 930 picture of Kisu

Lumia Camera Comparison

Cuteness of cats not affected by camera resolution: Study

This article may at first glance seem entirely frivolous, but after you have admired the beauty and elegance of our cat, Kisu, basking in the sunny and unseasonably warm weather, taken with both the Lumia 535 (£84) and Lumia 930 (£399). you will find a link to a far more interesting and meaningful article on smartphone cameras, using the Lumia 830 (£299) to make its example.

Lumia 535 picture of Kisu
Lumia 535 picture of Kisu
Lumia 930 picture of Kisu
Lumia 930 picture of Kisu

Now to the article from wmpoweruser – A different look at Lumia Camera 5 and the 830’s camera – Point. Click. Shoot.

It is refreshing to see someone thinking about and writing about smartphone photography from a novel angle. Even when it does not necessarily make the Lumia shine, and even though the author cannot write for toffee. My last iPhone was the iPhone 4, which had a terrible camera and terrible camera software, so I cannot really comment on how valid the iPhone comparison is. But it is true that the speed of taking pictures and quality of the automatic mode settings is more important than megapixels. Optics are more important than megapixels too.

The Lumia 930 is brilliant at taking pictures, and does not suffer from the slowdowns reported on the Lumia 830, because the onboard storage and CPU are so much faster, but it is undeniably true, now that I stop to think of it, that every single Lumia phone I have used has been rather poor with moving scenes, when compared both to the Sony Xperia Z and Z1, not to mention the excellent Sony DSC-HX60 camera I picked up very cheaply in an Amazon flash sale. If you want one, you will have to pay £199.99 for it, but I think it is worth it. The camera does support Wi-Fi and NFC, and an array of photo-sharing, upload and social networking functionality, but cannot make phone calls. The 30x optical zoom is really, really good for such a compact camera, and the user interface is surprisingly intuitive considering it relies on about a dozen buttons and a couple of dials rather than a touch-screen.

As an ex-Londoner, I also commend the author of the piece for his humorous asides on what an awful, non-photogenic place London is. As a European, it is sad to think that that cesspool of filth, liars and crooks is the most dynamic city in Europe.


I do not know why this did not occur to me when I first wrote the article, but below are some pictures that demonstrates Kisu’s amazing abilities of cuteness and relaxation taken with the Sony DSC-HX60 and also with Davy’s iPad Air 2. All these pictures are point-and-shoot, and have not been altered.

Sony DSC-HX60 picture of Kisu relaxing
Sony DSC-HX60 picture of Kisu relaxing
Kisu relaxing 29x Optical Zoom - Sony DSC-HX60
Kisu relaxing 29x Optical Zoom – Sony DSC-HX60

And here is one Davy took with his iPad Air 2

Kisu relaxes - Picture taken with iPad Air 2
Kisu relaxes – Picture taken with iPad Air 2

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  1. If you zoom into Kisu’s head on the Lumia 930 picture you can see that when it’s taking HDR shots it really is not good with moving targets.

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