LED Colour Changing Shower Head – Good, clean fun!

As a famous tech company used to say, “This changes everything!” Buy this must have bathroom accessory, which will turn your daily shower into a colourful, exciting experience.

We were looking to buy a new shower hose as our old one fell apart. We bought a top-rated Triton shower hose from Amazon for £9.95. It is indeed of a very high quality, and fulfils every reasonable requirement you could possibly have from a shower hose. If you want a gold-plated one, the same company does it for the same price. Being English and blessed with good taste, we naturally opted for the chrome-plated option. Not that we had any choice, as the gold-plated one was out of stock! It is now £14.95 at Amazon, which is still good value for a shower hose of this quality

But now to the really fun exciting technology-related part of our Amazon shopping experience. After adding the shower hose to the basket, Amazon kindly alerted us to the existence of a bathroom accessory new to us, namely the IceMood LED Shower Head (£11.39 from Amazon). As the name suggests, this is a stylish modern looking shower head fitted with LED lights which change between no less than seven colours whilst you shower.

Ice Moon LED Shower Head

The LED lights are bright enough, and are rated for 30,000 hours. This is probably longer than you will spend in the shower for the entire rest of your life. The shower head indeed cycles through colours every three to five seconds as promised, and has already brought colourful joy and fun into our lives.

Note also that the product does not need batteries. The LEDs are powered by water pressure. Sheer engineering genius. Colour me impressed!

IceMoon Colour Changing LED Shower Head in Action

Here is a video showing the LED Shower Head in action.

The last few days have seen a raft product announcements that have left me amazed at the miracle of the age of technology we live in today, and also questioning the sanity of people who would buy them.

Apple WWDC, as I already reported on was full of announcements of half-baked features that will not even be ready until late Q3 this year, most of which are already available in a better form on Windows Phone, Windows 10 and Android Lollipop devices.

I was also amazed by the new Braun Series 7 shaver, which contains more processing power than the Apollo 11 space mission. This is so that it can measure the number and density of your stubble, and adjust the vibration of the motor and head 10,000 a second. The price for this marvel of shaving technology is £172.49 at Amazon. Despite the hyperbole and questionable utility, this undoubtedly has a practical use, and may make a worthy complement to the LED Shower Head of ultimate fun!. Not only will the LED Shower head make your morning routing more fun, but the Braun razor will shave 30 seconds off it, and hopefully provide less irritation and a closer shave

The other new product was the June Smart Oven, build by former Apple engineers who are clearly smart, like rats leaving a sinking ship. The June Smart Oven features a NVIDIA Tegra K1 processor (faster than an iPad Air 2). This miracle cooking appliance will apparently not only cook your food to perfection, but also stream pictures of your food to your smartphone as it cooks, and can even live stream to Periscope. This may appeal to some, but at $2,999 seems like the most frivolous and questionably useful technology product since the £17,500 Apple Watch Edition.

Both of these two last products fall into the category of conspicuous consumption, costing as they do between £250 and £17,500.

The LED Shower Head we bought costs £11.39 on Amazon, and will undoubtedly bring far more fun and utility.  After all, cleanliness is next to godliness, whereas buying the June Smart Oven or an Apple Watch Edition will surely consign you to hell for eternity, at least if you believe the Bible to be a reliable source. If like me you are an atheist or agnostic, rest assured they will leave you a lot poorer, no happier, and feeling dirtier in this life!