The new Surface Pro Typecover

My favourite keyboard ever? Easy, my fabulous Microsoft Designer Keyboard (and mouse) Second favourite? Also easy, the Surface Pro 4 (and 3) Typecover. It is a truly lovely keyboard that, alone, almost makes it worth getting a Surface Pro 3 or 4 just to get the glorious Typecover!

It certainly is a must upgrade for users of the Surface Pro 3 Typecover. The greater spacing of the backlit keys makes it far easier to type, the keys have a greater travel and feel so much more wonderful to press. Then there is the trackpad that is incomparably better than the one on the Surface Pro 3 Typecover.

The Surface Pro 4 keyboard from Microsoft

For a start, the trackpad is larger than the Pro 3 Typecover, which makes fine controls a lot easier. Secondly, it is made of glass, making it feel totally fluid and controllable under your finger.

The Microsoft Surface Pro 4 keyboard trackpad

One of the most amazing things about the Surface Pro 4 Typecover is that, whilst the keys have a greater travel than the Pro 3 Typecover, and the whole thing is more rigid and stable, the new Typecover is actually thinner and lighter than its predecessor.

A final reason for Surface Pro 3 users to upgrade their Typecover is that, because the keyboard was designed for the Surface Pro 4, which has smaller bezels around its screen, you can now access the command bar shortcuts; something that was a bit of a fight with the old Typecover.

Touchable icons on the Surface Pro 3

As for Surface Pro 4 users, I am assuming you ordered a Typecover with your Surface Pro 4. You did not? How odd! Go to the Microsoft Store now and rectify your idiotic mistake.

There is only one problem with the otherwise stunningly good Surface Pro 4 Typecover – it is not available in purple. Silly Microsoft, surely by now everyone know that purple is the new red!

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