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ePUB not PDF manuals

Most software vendors now publish their manuals electronically – almost universally as a PDF ebook. This is fine if you have a tablet or laptop, or you are at base camp with your desktop. However, they are next to useless when you are on the go and and only have your phone with you – even the glorious display on my Nexus 6P cannot really display a full PDF page readably

Therefore, I invite you to join a little crusade of mine: get software manufacturers to publish their documentation as ePUB format. This ebook format can be read on anything, from desktops to mobile phone, with great ease.

Therefore, if you have ever been on a bus journey, waiting for a train or are any time you have some time to kill, and you would like to read the manual of your latest software package but just have your phone with you, why do you not tweet the software maker and ask them to make the documentation for your software as an ePUB ebook? I will also suggest a hashtag you can append to your tweets:


And tell your friends to do the same. If enough of us join this little crusade we may, one day soon, be able to read the documentation of the software we damned-well paid for wherever we damned-well like!

Now I have a lot of Tweeting to do… Oh yes:

Happy New Year from Team BeyondThePC!

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