Christ! I have an iPad!

I have been known to make the odd barbed comment about Apple devices and those who use them, so it may come as a bit of a shock to you, and indeed to me, that yesterday I quite willingly acquired an Apple iPad Mini 2. So willingly, in fact, that it took a lot of … Continue reading Christ! I have an iPad!

Satya Nadella, a fascinating man with a cunning plan

Satya Nadella, the Microsoft CEO is a fascinating man! It is rare and refreshing to see a major tech executive who just cannot do charisma. The negative charisma he exudes when speaking at events is beyond the ability of any instrument to measure.  I hope the Samaritans put up tents outside the conference venue, and that they get in extra … Continue reading Satya Nadella, a fascinating man with a cunning plan

Save big on Office 365 + OneDrive

Avid aficionados of Beyond the PC might have deduced that we have a bit of soft spot for OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage offering. In fact we love it! Windows and Windows Phone users have had it great for years. Now that Microsoft have unleashed equally great apps for Android, iOS and OS X as part of … Continue reading Save big on Office 365 + OneDrive

Get 100GB of Free OneDrive Storage

Microsoft are making it really hard for us to avoid looking like slavish fanboys with their announcements, but we like to keep our readers well informed of great deals on great products. As long-term OneDrive users, on our phones, computers and tablets, we’ve been delighted with the general improvements to the service, and how it now works equally on all the platforms and devices we use.

Microsoft Delivers – Office on iOS and Android

Microsoft Office is a brilliant productivity suite, and if anyone is stupid enough to disagree, I will politely ignore them. The poor devils are probably bonkers enough to think Linux on the desktop is a really wizard wheeze. When they are not typing case-sensitive commands into a terminal window they are probably drinking pongy beer … Continue reading Microsoft Delivers – Office on iOS and Android

Microsoft Delivers

A two-day blitzkrieg sees Redmond’s tanks parked on the lawns of Mountain View and Cupertino.

On Thursday and Friday two weeks ago, Microsoft delivered a substantial part of its vision of the future of computing, devices and services. A blistering assault on two fronts dealt a heavy blow to Google and Apple, leaving them reeling and thoroughly shattering the old technological world order.